Marking a booking as a no-show

Nov 8, 2023 | Booking Management, my.Vaniday

Change a confirmed booking to no-show

You can update a confirmed booking to no-show status for Marketplace bookings through the appointment window. To access this window, click on the confirmed booking from your appointment calendar or notification sidebar.

You can also access the appointment window by searching for the customer by name in the “Customer” tab on the left side of your my.Vaniday portal, and then choosing “More Details” next to the desired no-show appointment.

From the appointment window, click the “No-show” button.

The appointment will now display as red on your appointment calendar and will have the no-show symbol in the top right corner. Please note that you can only mark a booking as a no-show if it originated from the Marketplace or booking widget, not for manual bookings.