What is Vaniday?

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Vaniday Fact-sheet

Vaniday is the #1 online booking platform for beauty & wellness services. Founded in February 2015 and Headquartered in Berlin, Vaniday is currently present in 4 countries. The Vaniday team is over 100 strong and represents 20 different nationalities. Vaniday’s marketplace and associated salon management software, my.Vaniday, are powerful tools for salons to grow their businesses. The internet has become the default for shopping, beauty included, and customers expect the experience to be simple, informative, and offer variety.

What is Vaniday’s mission ?

Our mission is to simplify and modernize the beauty and wellness world, bringing more bookings to salons in the process. With Vaniday, partner salons can instantly connect with a large pool of new customers via digital platforms, both web and app. They can showcase their work, offer exclusive promotions, and receive free advertising and online presence in the process. Additionally, salons are able to build a repertoire of customer reviews, increasing brand awareness and customer trust. The accompanying salon management software, my.Vaniday, allows salons to manage their businesses easily and seamlessly.

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