Available data on the Business Performance Dashboard

Nov 9, 2023 | Business Reporting, my.Vaniday

The business performance dashboard gives you a visual overview of your appointment activities and business operations.


Today’s Appointments

Gain a quick overview of appointments for the current day. A colored status box will display next to the appointment indicating whether it is confirmed, cancelled, or a no-show.

Click on an appointment directly from the dashboard to bring up the appointment window, where you can change the status or view the invoice.

Upcoming Appointments

This section gives you an overview of future appointments, including confirmed, pending, and cancelled. You can choose to view appointments for the next 7 or 30 days. The statistics are presented in columns per day and color coded by appointment type. To view exact numbers of appointments for each category, simply hover over the column as seen on the image below. A black box with appointment details will appear.



The sales analytics section gives you useful data on completed appointments. Revenue is presented by the total appointment value, product value, and total revenue (appointments + revenue). You can choose to view sales statistics for the next 7 or 30 days. To view statistics for a specific date, simply hover over the date point as seen on the image below.  A black box with revenue data will appear.


View your customer’s average order vale and total appointments for a selected date range. The retention rate feature allows you to see the frequency of repeat bookings vs. new bookings. Discover which of your services is most profitable or popular. To view the service that corresponds with a section of the graph, simply hover over the section as seen on the image below.  A black box with service data will appear.


View bar graph data on your staff’s appointments and generated revenue. Data is presented by individual staff member. To view the exact dollar amount of revenue generated per staff member, simply hover over the bar as seen on the image below.  A black box with revenue data will appear.